Hungarians fear what their government wants them to

October 6, 2017

Anti-Soros posters are seen in Budapest in October 2017. Photo: Ákos Stiller

Hungarians fear the European Union more than Russia, according to a survey conducted by pollster Medián at the request of

Medián asked people what they consider the greatest threats to Hungary. The government’s propaganda appears very effective, as the results of the survey indicate people fear exactly those things the Fidesz-led government tells them they should.


A remarkable example of the effectiveness of government propaganda is the very differing opinions on the danger posed by the European Union and “Brussels” (the effective capital of the EU). According to the survey, while the majority of Hungarians still have a positive attitude towards the EU, as a result of the government’s continuous Brussels-bashing, one and a half times more people find Brussels more threatening to Hungary than the EU itself.

Hungarians fear what their government wants them to 1

It is also remarkable that while Fidesz voters consider all kinds of things more threatening than do voters from other parties, they consider the threat posed by Russia the smallest.


The effectiveness of the government’s propaganda has already been demonstrated recently in the village of Őcsény where citizens fanaticized by the fear-mongering government campaigning threatened to murder a local guesthouse owner for offering to host refugee children who had been granted asylum by the Hungarian state. In light of the findings of the survey, and the Őcsény incident as well, it is particularly alarming that the government’s so-called security policy expert recently labeled Hungarian NGOs “human traffickers”, and stated that according to “war laws,” they are considered “saboteurs” and should be “eliminated without trial” on pro-government EchoTV.

Medián conducted the survey between September 15 and 20 on a 1,200-person representative sample.