Hungarians fire back with their own billboard campaign

June 9, 2015


HUF 9 million ($34,000) was contributed the first day of a campaign to raise money for country-wide billboards to counter the government’s anti-immigration messages.  The “counter campaign” is the brainchild of Hungarian blog Vastagbőr (Thick Skin) and political parody Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (Two-Tailed Dog Party), which have teamed up to increase public awareness about the government’s controversial position on immigration.

The organizers launched their fund campaign on Monday with the hope that they would raise HUF 3 million by June 21.  To their surprise and delight they received HUF 9 million  of donations within 24 hours.  Another HUF 6 million arrived the following day.


“We feel it’s our responsibility to show the world [and Hungary] that just because we ended up with a government like this doesn’t mean that we are also so primitive,” write the organizers. “We are also troubled by the fact that in Hungary the total lack of social solidarity is a much greater problem that immigration, and the government is spending our money to foment greater hate among us. We would like to counter this.

“Our goal is to purchase 50 billboards for one month, which will cost around HUF 3 million.  Of course, if we raise more money, we will buy more billboards.”

The fundraising will take place from June 8 to June 21, and the billboards will be erected from July 1.

Vastagbőr and the Kétfarkú Kutya Párt ask donors to not send more than HUF 150,000 per person because of some tax regulation. The organizers have created a new bank account strictly for this project.

The bank account number: 16200106-11565857

IBAN: HU56 1620 0106 1156 5857 0000 0000


Bank: Magnet

Signatory on the account: Erdélyi Katalin

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