Hungarians more worried about emigration than immigration

May 25, 2015


The majority of Hungarians aren’t concerned with immigrants arriving in the country but rather by the number of Hungarians who choose to leave for elsewhere, according to a poll by Hungarian news website Vasárnapi Hírek and the Publicus Institute.

57 percent of those polled think it is a problem that so many people are leaving the country, as opposed to the 23 percent of respondents who consider immigrants arriving in Hungary to be a problem.

The poll found anti-immigration sentiments highest among Fidesz supporters, although many of the Fidesz supporters expressed concern regarding the high number of Hungarians leaving the country.

The poll also tackled the reasons why Hungarians are exiting.  36 percent of respondents said the emigrants are leaving for political reasons, while 62 percent explained their departure for economic reasons, i.e., they simply can’t get by with what they earn in Hungary.

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