Hungary apprehends 2000 illegal migrants

June 22, 2015

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Some 2,000 illegal migrants were apprehended in Hungary over the weekend, reports Hungarian state-run media. Government spokesman Zoltán Kovács says border patrol agents will not protect the border with live ammunition.

Figures made available on the website of the national police show that almost 2,000 illegal border crossers were caught over the weekend: 520 on Friday, 661 on Saturday and 760 on Sunday. Eleven have been charged with human trafficking and six have been charged with forgery of official documents.

1,477 migrants were rounded up in Csongrád county in southern Hungary, said the county’s police department spokesman, Szabolcs Szenti.

Szenti said the largest group was captured in Ásotthalom, whose Jobbik mayor is strongly opposed to Hungary allowing illegal migrants to remain in the country.  The group consisted of 81 Afghan, 4 Syrian, 9 Pakistani and 6 Bangladeshi citizens. There were 24 children in the group.

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