Hungary declares another nationwide state of emergency!!!!!

May 9, 2016


Minister of the Interior Sándor Pintér has just declared a nationwide state of emergency due to migration, announced a website run by government mouthpiece Zoltán Kovács. This is the second time the government has declared a state of emergency due to migration in as many months.

It does so periodically to remind Hungarians that their lives are in danger from the invading Muslim hordes.

Another reason for the government’s move is to drum up support for a piece of legislation to reinforce the legal protection of the state borders. According to the government’s English-language propaganda site, the proposed law is set to be debated in parliament on May 17. If passed, “[the bill] would amend laws on the state borders, asylum, and the entry and residence of third-country nationals.”

For more information on how the government of Hungary treats refugees, please watch the videos below.