Hungary fears immigration may lead to another Trianon

December 29, 2015


Immigrants have brought Europe and Hungary to a turning point and have the potential to decide the future of the continent, Minister Overseeing the Office of the Prime Minister János Lázár said during an interview on Hódemezővásárhely’s local radio station.

“Many in Europe think we’ll be stronger if we invite more and more immigrants in, but we are convinced that this is wrong,” said Lázár, according to Hungarian news site

Hungary will have a chance if it can protect its integrity, remain Hungarian, and avoid having its value system changed, he said, adding that “what will give us a chance is if we’re able to protect our own traditions and culture in the ocean that mixes values and nations.”

Lázár went on to say that history has already shown what happens once Hungarians becoming minorities in their own land and that it was precisely this that led to Trianon.

“What will remain of Hungary if we once again become minorities in our homeland?” he asked.

(Given that the overwhelming majority of asylum seekers prefer Germany and Sweden to Hungary, the chances of any part of Hungary being annexed by Syria or Afghanistan in the foreseeable future appear small.-ed.)