Hungary has spent $40 million “inciting hatred”, says MP

September 28, 2016


What voters have seen all year long in the name of migration-related government information has cost HUF 11.3 billion (USD 40 million) so far, Tamás Harangozó (MSZP) told ATV Tuesday evening.

The Hungarian Socialist Party MP accused propaganda minister Antal Rogán of lying in claiming a total of HUF 3.9 billion had been allocated for public information.  In response to a formal request for information submitted by, it was recently revealed that Rogán’s Office of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister spent more than HUF 11 billion to date, primarily in no-bid contracts awarded to his neighbor, Csaba Csetényi.

Harangozó said the government was spending as much “inciting hatred” as it did on the country’s ambulance service in a given year.

He said the October 2 referendum will cost some HUF 4.5-5  billion to organize, and it was not possible to know how many households received the government’s “Let’s send a message to Brussels even they can understand” booklet urging them to vote “no”.

The Socialist MP said the Hungarian people consider the referendum on Sunday to be an enormous waste of money and the vote itself to be pointless, especially now that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s “favorite comrades-in-arms” had claimed that the refugee quota system is politically dead in the EU.