Hungary Prime Minister Office to move to Buda’s Castle District

August 2, 2014


The government will spend HUF 1.4 billion (USD 6 million) moving the Hungary Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) into the Carmelite monastery situated in the Buda Castle District next to the presidential palace. The government will assign HUF 756.2 million (USD 3.2 million) from the exceptional provisions reserve fund to fund public tenders for the building’s reconstruction. PMO Chancellor János Lázár will receive HUF 704.3 million (USD 2.9 million) from the 2015-16 budget for the reconstruction of the landmark building, of which HUF 585.4 million (USD 2.4 million) is to be used in 2015 and HUF 118.9 million (USD 500,000) in 2016.

Meanwhile the under-secretary’s office for agriculture and rural development will move to Kecskemét, according to Thursday’s government gazette (Magyar Közlöny). “The minister of the PMO and the minister for national development have to undertake the actions required to ensure the appropriate conditions for the work of the under-secretary to be carried out in Kecskemét from 1st January 2015,” the announcement read. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has reportedly also asked the ministries of Defense and Agriculture to examine the “possibility” of moving to the countryside.