Hungary recalls ambassadors, embassy staff

August 23, 2017

New ambassadors are to be posted to Beirut and Bratislava, according to a decision by the President published in the Hungarian Gazette, the government’s official bulletin.

Mrs. Éva Czimbalmos Molnár will hand over as Ambassador to Slovakia at the Hungarian Embassy in Bratislava to Tibor Pető, who will be leaving his post in the Czech Republic. Miklós Boros will take over from Pető at the Hungarian Embassy in Prague.

Ádám Zoltán Kovács will be the new Hungarian Ambassador in Rome after former Ambassador to Italy Péter Paczolay was recalled from the post. Paczolay, formerly president of Hungary’s Constitutional Court, was elected in January as the next Hungarian judge at the European Court of Human Rights after the end of András Sajó’s nine-year appointment.

Viktória Horváth will be replaced by Sándor Szabó as head of the Hungarian Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia. The Ambassador to Lebanon in Beirut following László Váradi’s recall will be Géza Mihályi.

Edit Bucsi-Szabó has been relieved of her post as Hungarian Ambassador to Colombia, but will remain the leader of the Hungarian Embassy to Ecuador and Venezuela. Lóránd Endreffy has been appointed to lead the Hungarian Embassy in Bogota, Columbia.