Hungary seeks to store more Russian gas

January 14, 2015


Péter Szijjártó, Hungarian minister for foreign affairs and trade, called for Russian gas suppliers to store more natural gas in Hungarian containers in an interview given to Reuters on Wednesday. Szijjártó thinks it is in Hungary’s interests to find intermediary options after the South Stream gas pipeline project was halted by the Russians.

The minister also informed the news agency that he has requested Russian energy minister Alexander Novak to increase the present amount of 700 million cubic meters of natural gas stored in Hungarian underground storage facilities. At the same time Szijjártó ruled out the idea that Hungary would sell any of these facilities directly to the Russians.

“The more gas stored here, the better for us economically, and in terms of energy security as well,” the foreign minister explained to Reuters.

Reuters notes that close ties with Russia in the field of energy trade are a source of genuine concern for Hungary’s Western allies, who interpret the closer political ties between Fidesz leadership and Russian President Vladimir Putin as “Hungary’s drift towards the Kremlin.”

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