Hungary state television appoints controversial rightist figure “head of religious programs”

October 17, 2014


Beatrix Siklósi, a long-time media presenter appearing in various political programs both on public television and radio, as well as on private right-wing channels, has been appointed head of religious programs at Hungarian state television (MTVA).

Siklósi made a name for herself recently with Facebook posts that were heavily anti-Semitic or homophobic.

In one post on her personal Facebook page nearly three years ago Siklósi warned of an imminent Israeli attack on Iran and called on Hungarians to “defend their homeland” because “Israel is coming”.

In another move she posted a racist joke about a fire in a Montreal high-rise, according to which the Black-Caribbean, Roma and Pakistani families all died but the whites survived because they “went to work”.

A long-time firm defender of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Siklósi often visits far-rightist events, such as gatherings organized by Lóránt Hegedüs Jr., a Calvinist preacher known for his heated and often anti-Semitic outbursts directed at Hungarian liberals and Israel, and whose wife is a Jobbik MP.

Her appointment, which generated heated responses from what little remains of Hungary’s independent media, follows yesterday’s revelation that controversial news editor Dániel Papp had been put in charge of all news programming at MTVA.

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