Hungary suffers from chronic shortage of general practitioners

August 18, 2017

Photo: 1001 orvos hálapénz nélkül

There are more than 300 vacant general practitioner practices in Hungary, reports

A member of the 1001 orvos hálapénz nélkül (1001 doctors without gratitude money) Facebook group has created a map (pictured) showing all the vacant general practitioner practices in the country based on data from the National Healthcare Services Center (ÁEEK).

Despite the government’s efforts to fill these positions, with the sole exception of Budapest no region in Hungary is unaffected by a shortage of doctors. According to this year’s official tender, those doctors who are willing to take up a practice that has been vacant for more than 60 months could receive state grants of up to net HUF 20 million (USD 76,900). notes that despite this, last year only 23 availed themselves of the opportunity. According to the ÁEEK May data, 352 general practitioner and 284 dentist practices had been permanently vacant. Using the same statistics, 44 percent of practicing general practitioners are over 60 and 11 percent of them are over 70. Over the past 15 years the overall number of operating general practices has decreased 6.6 percent.