Hungary takes the war on terror seriously, says Viktor Orbán

November 19, 2015

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At a joint press conference held today (to which only state-run media and the Hungarian news service were invited but not permitted to ask any questions), Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced that Hungary takes the war on terror seriously.  He said the fact that people were arriving to the European Union from various countries in which it is engaged in military operations needed to be taken seriously, and that diverse groups within the affected areas could send groups to Europe resulting in terror.

The Prime Minister said that after the Paris terror attacks it was necessary to speak not of terrorist threats but actual terrorist attacks, and that it was necessary to inspect the migrants arriving from the south more strictly.

NATO general secretary Jens Stoltenberg pointed out that last Friday’s terrorist attacks not only targeted innocent people but fundamental values, as well as open, democratic societies, which needed to be defended.

Stoltenberg pointed out that Hungary as an important member of NATO had contributed to Europe’s security in many different ways.  He said he was thankful to Hungary for contributing to the protection of the airspace of Slovenia and the Baltic countries and continuing to contribute to NATO operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo.

He welcomed the announcement that Hungary was increasing defense spending, saying this was important both to Hungary and the entire alliance.