Hungary to appoint diplomat to Brussels specializing in Roma matters

February 16, 2016


Hungary is to appoint one or more diplomats to Brussels responsible for raising up Roma and other social groups as of March 1st, according to a government decision appearing in the latest issue of Magyar Közlöny, the official government gazette.

According to the decision, which is initialed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the government is doing so in the interest of “ensuring that diplomatic matters pertaining to Roma and other social matters are handled professionally” and “maintaining relationships with European Union institutions”, as well as “effective lobbying”.

The minister overseeing the office of the prime minister is responsible for implementing the decision.

The decision instructs this minister and the minister for national economy to cover the costs of maintaining the diplomatic delegation. According to the gazette, compensation and payroll taxes will amount to HUF 30.9 million (USD 112,000) in 2016, increasing to HUF 40.4 million (USD 147,000) in 2017.  An additional HUF 9.42 million (USD 34,000) and HUF 10.4 million (USD 38,000) is to be allocated in 2016 and 2017, respectively, to cover expenses.