Hungary to build two new refugee camps

August 2, 2015


Two new refugee reception camps are to be built in Martonfa and Sormás.  The government has allocated an extra HUF 22.2 billion (USD 80 million) to building a temporary fence along Hungary’s 175-kilometre border with Serbia and moving existing refugee camps situated inside the city limits of Hungarian settlements to more remote locations.

Two new, temporary refugee reception camps are being built, one in Martonfa in Baranya county, the other in Sormás in Zala county, according to state news agency MTI.  Daily online reports that in the interest of expediting the permitting and authorization procedure, the new camps have been declared projects of special national economic importance.  This means it is not necessary to obtain the opinion of the architectural-technical planning council, to provide locals the opportunity to state their opinions, or even to formally notify the settlements in question.

The international spokesman for the government of Hungary, Zoltán Kovács, announced on Wednesday that the government had allocated an additional HUF 22.2 billion towards the cost of building a temporary fence along the Serbian border and sheltering refugees.   This amount is also to cover the cost of moving existing refugee camps situated within city limits and building new tent camps.

The current camps are struggling to accommodate the large number of refugees entering Hungary this year.