Hungary to complete construction of border fence in August

July 27, 2015


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced Saturday that Hungary would build its controversial fence on the country’s southern border with Serbia by the end of August. This latest border fence construction deadline shortens the government’s earlier deadline of November 30 by three months.

The Hungarian government originally planned for the border fence (referred to officially as a “temporary border protection fence”) to be built by 900 members of the Hungarian military, with construction starting simultaneously at 10-12 locations.

Hungarian news site Dé calculates the shortened deadline may require the work of as many as 6,000 individuals.

Hungarian state-run media reports that 4,725 individuals were apprehended for entering Hungary’s borders unlawfully between Friday and Sunday.

Szabolcs Szenti, a spokesperson with the Csongrád county police department, says the vast majority of those apprehended were caught in southern Csongrád county.