Hungary to expand “Come home, youth!” program despite poor results

August 18, 2015


Having succeeded in persuading only 11 Hungarian emigrés to return home within the framework of the government’s “Come home, youth!” program, Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga wants to expand program funding beyond the HUF 100 million (USD 360,000) allocated to date. Varga says this is necessary because the HUF 100 million is unlikely to result in the return of more than 50 emigrés.

Undersecretary András Tállai told parliament last week that the Ministry for National Economy had allocated HUF 100 million to the program.  He said the point of the program was to offer work to young emigrés, cover the cost of their plane ticket, and to pay them a stipend of HUF 100,000 (USD 360) a month for a year.

So far more than 2000 have registered to be able to access job listings on the website, and 177 have applied to join the program, of which the government has already put 170 in touch with potential employers, according to the undersecretary, who told parliament the government had signed cooperation agreements with 50 different companies.