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Hungary to spend USD 18 million on EU settlement quota referendum

The National Assembly has voted to green light the government’s referendum on the EU quota, reports Hungarian news site 444.hu.

136 Fidesz-KDNP political alliance and Jobbik MPs voted in favor.

According to Origo.hu, independent MPs Gábor Fodor, Péter Kónya, Szabolcs Szabó, Tímea Szabó and Zsuzsanna Szelényi voted against.

According to 444.hu, the majority also voted in favor of funding preparation of the campaign leading up to the referendum to the tune of HUF 4.9 billion (USD 18 million) — this most likely includes the accompanying (propaganda) communication campaign which, no doubt, will be awarded to media companies with close ties to Antal Rogán, the minister for propaganda.

The referendum against the EU quota is likely to take place in early Fall.

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