Hungary to spend USD 46.5 million commemorating 1956 revolution

January 22, 2016


Hungary will spend a total of HUF 13.5 billion (USD 46.5 million) in 2016 and 2017 on events commemorating the 1956 revolution, writes

According to a government decision appearing in the latest official gazette, the Ministry of National Economy and the Ministry of Human Resources have been instructed to come up with HUF 12.15 billion (USD 41.9 million) in 2016 and another HUF 1.35 billion (USD 4.6 million) in 2017.

The government has named Terror House Museum director Mária Schmidt government commissioner for the memorial year. The revisionist historian will be responsible for realizing the various programs, overseeing the deliberations of the memorial committee established last year, and organizing public tenders through the Central and East European Historical and Social Research Public Foundation.

The government decision allocates HUF 4.68 billion for the realization of national programs and HUF 7.47 billion for programs organized by civil organizations, public institutions, local governments and miscellaneous organizations in 2016, and another HUF 520 million and HUF 830 million, respectively, for 2017.