Hungary’s 2018 general election to be held on April 8th

January 13, 2018

President János Áder has set the date of the 2018 elections as April 8
Photo: Nagy

President Áder has announced that the 2018 general election will be held on April 8th.

In his statement published by the Office of the President of the Republic on Thursday to announce the date, Áder recalls that on April 8th, 1990, the popular will that was expressed through the first free elections became final. Since that “historic spring”, the statement continues, this will be the eighth occasion when the electorate can decide whom do they trust with managing the country.  

By Hungarian law, the announcement marks the expiration of the mandate of party delegates in the National Election Commission.

In the April election, political parties will compete for 106 individual and 93 party list mandates.

Basic rules and facts about the election:

  • Citizens with a valid permanent Hungarian residency can vote for individual candidates according to their address.
  • Individual candidates will win a mandate with the relative majority of votes.
  • The electorate will also vote for the national lists of political parties.
  • Parties winning at least five percent of all votes will be allowed to organize parliamentary delegations.
  • A party will need five mandates to form a parliamentary delegation. gathered some of the most important deadlines until April 8:

  • In accordance with the Hungarian election law, the campaign officially starts 50 days before the election, which means that this year parties will be allowed to campaign from February 17.
  • Individual candidates will have to gather at least 500 nominations in their respective electoral districts by March 5 in order to run.
  • Those parties that manage to nominate individual candidates in at least nine counties and Budapest – a minimum of 27 electoral districts – have until March 6 to submit their national party list of candidates to the National Election Commission.