Hungary’s central bank governor accuses “large NATO ally” of trying to topple Hungarian government

February 23, 2017

Hungary’s National Bank governor György Matolcsy has accused “a large NATO-ally country” of trying to topple Hungary’s government and central bank beginning in the Fall of 2014. Matolcsy, who made the accusation in a committee meeting in Parliament on Wednesday, did not name the country but said the comments were clearly directed at the United States, which in Fall 2014 had banned six Hungarian officials from entering the US because of corruption allegations.

Matolcsy claimed that the NATO country, through its Budapest embassy, had attempted to “surround and…use the Hungarian National Bank” in order to provoke a banking panic in the country and thus bring down the government. He said the early 2015 collapse of brokerage firm Quaestor had been a part of the plot.

The press attaché for the US Embassy in Budapest, Richard Damstra, told liberal daily paper Népszava that “Mr. Matolcsy’s accusations are simply not credible. Hungary and the United States are partners, and allies in NATO. The United States did not attempt to overthrow the Hungarian government in 2014 or at any other time, and we do not find it plausible that any NATO member would attempt to do so.”