Hungary’s chief prosecutor says daughter’s boyfriend not a suspect in Quaestor case

May 4, 2016


Despite being the personal assistant to Quaestor CEO Csaba Tarsoly, Zoltán Mikuska has not been questioned by investigators.  The reason, according to Hungary’s chief prosector, Péter Polt, is that, having reviewed evidence, prosecutors have no reason to interrogate Mr. Mikuska.

Together (Együtt) parliamentarian Szabolcs Szabó asked Polt whether his office had interrogated Mikuska about the Quaestor investigation, after daily tabloid Blikk revealed that Mikuska was dating Polt’s daughter at the time.

Polt responded to Szabó via mail on May 4. It remains to be seen whether the response placates Szabó and other critics who claim that Mikuska has been given special treatment because of his personal connection with Hungary’s chief prosecutor through the latter’s daughter.

Quaestor was one of three securities brokerage firms to collapse last year when it turned out that one of its business units, Quaestor Financial Hrurira Kft., had been selling fake securities.