Hungary’s healthcare professionals continue to leave in droves

September 16, 2015


As many as 912 healthcare professionals have either left or are planning to leave Hungary this year, reports Hungarian news site

According to the Healthcare Records Management and Education Center (ENKK), some 912 Hungarians requested the official medical specialization records from the center needed to seek employment in other countries. The highest number of requests came from healthcare professionals seeking employment in the United Kingdom and Germany, 229 and 220, respectively.

More than one hundred records requests came from Hungarians seeking employment in Austria, but many requests also came from professionals seeking employment in Ireland, Switzerland and Sweden.

In 2014, the records management center released 1,943 such records.

The 912 requests were made between January 1st and the end of June this year.

ENKK tells that the number is not an accurate measure of emigration because such a request does not necessarily mean the person involved actually received employment abroad. Those making the request may also include foreigners who became certified healthcare professionals in Hungary, as well as those who have requested records in the past and are doing so again.

According to ENKK’s figures, 415 doctors, 259 nurses, 114 dentists, 33 pharmacists, 8 obstetricians and 83 other healthcare professionals with varying medical specializations requested records.

199 of the requests came from professionals between the ages of 25 and 29, while 192 came from those aged 30-34.

According to ENKK, records requests made by doctors primarily came from internists, surgeons and anesthesiologists.