Hungary’s millennials suffer “severe sense of democratic disenchantment”

April 4, 2016

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A study titled Millennial Dialogue has found that Hungarian millennials are suffering from a “severe sense of democratic disenchantment.” The study’s authors found that Hungarian millennials have the most pessimistic outlook of all youth asked from 12 countries, the others being the USA, Canada, UK, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Germany, Chile, Bulgaria, Austria and Norway. What’s more, a majority of Hungary’s millennials are supporters of far-right opposition party Jobbik.

According to the study

Across all the surveys, Hungary has the most pessimistic outlook among millennials and the lowest levels of general contentedness (and indeed interest in politics). Many cite corruption and broken promises within the political system as a reason for this, and there is a sense of resignation about their ability to change anything. Many think it futile to try to take on such an entrenched political elite.

A significant proportion (34 percent) expressed a desire to run their own business, but many do not even see their future in Hungary. There is a regular narrative surrounding the effects of emigration with the brain drain and future shortage of doctors, nurses etc. that this will bring. In a sense, there is a vicious circle at play as respondents cite the growth of authoritarianism, extremism and paramilitarism in politics as another reason to leave.

A staggering 53 percent of those surveyed expressed support for Hungary’s radical party Jobbik, which scored highest for the characteristics of openness, honesty, ability to listen, its stance against corruption and an understanding of young people.

The study’s section pertaining to Hungary’s millennials can be read by clicking here.