Hungary’s nationalized hospitals underfunded by some HUF 50 billion annually

December 23, 2015


Hungary’s nationalized hospitals owed suppliers and service providers HUF 46.7 billion (USD 167 million) as of November 2015.  A considerable improvement over the record HUF 71 billion earlier this year, the country’s public health sector continues to be underfunded by some HUF 50 billion (USD 178 million) annually.

As of November Budapest’s Military Hospital owed HUF 3.23 billion, followed by the Pécs University hospital (HUF 2.17 billion), Szeged University hospital (HUF 1.77 billion), Budapest’s Péterfy Sándor Street Hospital (HUF 1.58 billion) and the National Institute for Oncology (HUF 1.04 billion). writes that the state cleared up HUF 60 billion of hospital debt earlier this year on the condition hospitals drastically reduce expenditures by, among other things, limiting surgery, but this does not appear to have worked.