Hungary's White Terror began 97 years ago with mass murder of Hungarian Jews in Orgovány forest

November 16, 2016


Harm reduction activist Péter Sárosi posted the following to his Facebook page on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016:

The White Terror started 97 years ago today on November 16th, 1919, when Miklós Horthy entered Budapest on a white horse and officer detachments under his command began their mass murder activities in the areas abandoned by Romanian troops.  For example in Izsák on November 15th and 16th the detachment under Iván Héjjas drove several dozen people from their homes into the Orgovány forest where they were brutally tortured and murdered (this was the subject of the Népszava article below).  While many portray the White Terror as a reaction to the Red Terror, a significant part of those killed had nothing to do with the People’s Republic (founded by Hungarian communist Béla Kun).  Their only crime was that they were born Jews.  In fact, one of them, Rezső Fritz, a lawyer in Kecskemét, had participated in the counter-revolutionary movement and for this reason had to flee the communists with his two younger brothers.  Horthy’s men gouged out his eyes and cut off his ears before killing him.  These days, when the highest circles support the rehabilitation of the cult of Horthy and the system tied to his name, little is mentioned about how the system was born: in brutal terror.  The leading publicist of our day, Zsolt Bayer, jokes about Orgovány.