Illegal weapons caches discovered in TEK raids on militant nationalist group

November 16, 2016


A coordinated series of raids was conducted by the Hungarian Counter-terrorism Center (TEK) and police reservists against suspected members of the militant nationalist Neo-nazi group Hungarian National Front (MNA) Tuesday. The early morning raids took place in homes and warehouses in the towns of Bőny, Budakalász, Budapest, Jászberény, Mosonmagyaróvár, Rád, Sajókeresztúr and Vác, reports

The raids resulted in the arrest of 12 people suspected of involvement in the extremist group, and the recovery of large caches of illegal weapons, including automatic firearms, explosives and handguns. Among the recovered weapons were numerous airsoft weapons, replicas of guns which fire plastic pellets commonly used by extremist groups in conducting training exercises.

11 of those taken into custody were interrogated by police on suspicion of “committing violence against a member of the community” and “misuse of a firearm,” while police petitioned the prosecutor’s office for the right to detain two of the suspects pending trial, according to the Hungarian police’s website. Each of the 12 suspects are connected to a branch of the MNA, according to

The MNA is an extreme right-wing militant nationalist (Hungarista) group founded in 1989 by István Győrkös, who is suspected of shooting two police officers during a raid on his home on October 26. One officer died on the scene. The MNA held combat training camps for German and Hungarian Neo-nazis in Bőny on land owned by Győrkös, attended by Russian diplomats in Hungary. The MNA has been under observation by authorities for years under suspicion of using illegal weapons, and has been recently found to have connections to Russian secret services.