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Immigrant countries and the Soros Plan: Orbán speaks to the Association of Christian Intellectuals

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán addressing the Association of Christian Intellectuals at the Parliament. Photo: MTI/Noémi Bruzák

After short speeches by Christian Democratic People’s Party parliamentary chairman János Latorczai and Cardinal priest and Primate of Hungary Péter Erdő, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán thanked those assembled before describing European society as imperiled by a new kind of anti-Christian threat.

“We are facing a kind of danger which understands that the social purpose of Christianity has deep roots in the human society that it serves,” Orbán warned. “The goal of today’s anti-Christian European program is to change the substrata. This is the method with which Christianity can be permanently weakened in Europe.”

Orbán thanked God that he was created “as a Christian, Hungarian man”, and declared that those assembled in the room “are those who want to be who they are” and are not interested in changing themselves. “A close, durable and tested bond ties us together,” he said of himself and his Christian allies assembled in Parliament.

The Prime Minister praised the achievements of his own government since its first term from 1998 to 2002, including the adoption of a new constitution and the “common road” that led to his party acquiring a two-thirds majority in Parliament. Orbán emphasized the role the assembled Christian intellectuals had played in the “entrenchment” of their own “political community”.

“I remember 2003 in our common conferences. We found the key together for how a Christian right wing could be capable of winning an election for the first time in the new Hungarian democracy, and capable of building not only a political but also a societal majority.”

His government was convinced that what was good for Hungarian Christians was good for Hungary, without mentioning what might be good for non-Christian segments of national society.

Immigrant and non-immigrant countries

Orbán spoke of numerous historical “tensions” that have long existed between European nations which required compromises to solve. But now, a “completely new, unprecedented dynamic, a different kind of inner tension” was putting a strain on Europe: the conflict between “immigrant countries and non-immigrant countries”.

“There are countries and groups of countries that have already become immigrant countries, which have not accepted Christian civilization for themselves, and there are countries which have not changed or which do not at all want to become immigrant countries. The historical challenge which stands before the European leaders is to[…]build a method of cooperation between these two different groups of countries.” He added that if such a solution is not found, a “fatal rupture” could occur in the political history of Europe.

Hungary, as a non-immigrant country, abided by the “old rule,” according to which a country without a border was like “an egg without a shell”.

Concerning the proper Christian response to the migration crisis, the Prime Minister referenced a “moral dilemma”, and acknowledged that “many people argue that a good person is the person who takes in the needy”. However, the situation was different in the case of migration, and Hungary represented the “rational and moral policy” of preventing migrants and refugees from entering Europe.

“I am convinced that in the case of migration, we must help the countries, nations or parts of nations that have fallen into trouble there where the problem is, and not to resettle them here because that doesn’t help the problem but puts the problem onto us too,” he told the Christian Intellectuals.

Mixed-population countries

Orbán argued that “mixed-population countries” are being created from those EU states that have allowed immigrants to settle, and warned that “mathematically” the proportion of Christians in those countries will be reduced. Those mixed-population, immigrant countries within the EU, which considered themselves morally superior to Hungary, in fact represented the biggest threat to European values today. Freedom of religion, the fight against anti-semitism and gender equality were all endangered by the “mixed-population countries”.

“We won’t forget that when we built the fence, the Germans, the Austrians and the western media passed judgement on us with insolent arrogance and moral imperialism. This was a centrally ordered, centrally directed and centrally orchestrated campaign against Hungary, out of revenge because we closed the Balkan route the migrants had used until then.

“The westerners have one thought: to convince us by legal, political or financial means that we too should become what they have become, that the people and countries of Central Europe should become migrant countries. We don’t want that, and everyone should take note in Brussels that we won’t be an immigrant country.”

Orbán argued that “liberal ideology” is responsible for the creation of immigrant countries, while in non-immigrant countries such as Hungary, sovereignty and Christian social teachings are the principle ideals. The adoption of Western European liberalism would mean “spiritual suicide” for Central Europeans, which would then become immigrant countries and suffer under terrorism. Hungary could become a “mixed culture country” in the foreseeable future if such plans were allowed to be realized.

The Soros Plan 

“The program of turning countries into immigrant countries is commonly known as the Soros Plan. It is an action plan that describes exactly how disobedient, non-immigrant Central European countries should be transformed into immigrant countries. We know of course what we have to do: join our forces, act together and not let anyone penetrate our defenses. We must hold out until the next elections. To quote [writer Géza] Gárdonyi, the turncoats, the internal destructive forces should be kept from the government, and it is worth giving a stronger and greater authority than ever before to those who are prepared to protect the future of Christian Hungary. The government is prepared for this,” Orbán concluded.


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