In Hungary a new right-wing media empire is born

April 15, 2015


Pro-government news website Vá writes that Modern Media Group Investment and Asset Manager Zrt. (MMG) was incorporated on April 9. The company will serve as a holding company for Hungary’s new right-wing media empire. One of its owners is Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s top advisor, Árpád Habony.

Vá writes that Habony holds 50 percent of MMG and the other half is owned by Tibor Győri, who served as head of legal affairs for the Prime Minister’s Office during the second Orbán government (2010-14).

The new company’s headquarters shares an official address with daily newspaper Napi Gazdaság in Budapest’s 3rd district.  Napi Gazdaság CEO Péter Keresztesi is also to serve as CEO of MMG.

Heti Válasz previously reported that MMG would publish mainstream news and commentary under the direction of editor-in-chief Ákos Csúri. The site would be known as

Heti Válasz wrote that MMG would also publish a print newspaper to replace the discontinued Helyi Téma, and plans to operate a radio station and a business news portal.

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Vá Habony Árpád lett az új jobboldali médiabirodalom feje,; 15 April 2015