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Islamophobic rants of a Christian Democrat – Semjén in the house

Zsolt Semjén in Zalaegerszeg on October 24, 2017 | Photo: MTI/György Varga

Deputy Prime Minister and chair of the Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) Zsolt Semjén held a forum on the National Consultation on the so-called Soros Plan in the western city of Zalaegerszeg. The various topics Semjén addressed included alleged collaboration between Hungarian media outlets and hostile secret services, the “insane” Muammar Gaddafi, politics of the 1540s, European decision-makers on George Soros’s payroll, and the war of cultures that mass migration will bring to Europe, Magyar Nemzet reports.

Migrants and the homeless

In an effort to somehow reconcile the hateful propaganda with the professed Christian values of his government, Semjén said that as a Christian man the sight of “a miserable man on the road” awakens Christian charity in the believer. He claimed he spends part of his “relatively good salary” as a minister helping homeless people through the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta. “However, I wouldn’t be a Christian but a madman if, instead of this, I would accept 18 homeless into my bathroom and kitchen in addition to my mother, wife and three kids.” So the only way to help migrants, Semjén concluded, is to help them in their motherland.

Janissaries in the EU

“History is life’s teacher,” he said, recounting the story of how in 1541 the Janissaries from the escort of Ottoman Emperor Suleiman I posing as tourists seized Buda while the emperor was hosting the infant Hungarian king John II Sigismund Zápolya and Hungarian noblemen. “When I told this story in Brussels, and I told this in a CDU [Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union of Germany] circle in Germany, there was dead silence.” Semjén argued that the very same thing is happening right now in Europe, only “they” are coming as migrants, not as Janissaries.

Insane Gaddafi’s social policies

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the blame for the migrant crisis is on “Clinton’s American foreign policy”. Semjén argued that after sparking off the “Arab Spring”, they overthrew “such as it is, working Middle-Eastern and North-African systems.”

“I do not state that it was a bed of roses but one thing is sure: it was better than the Islamic State,” Semjén said about the Bashar al-Assad dictatorship in Syria. Speaking about Libya, Semjén said that “it is no doubt Gaddafi is insane, but who cares if he is insane or not? The thing is that there was relatively good public healthcare and every family received a two-room apartment on a social basis.”

Islam, the evilest of evil

After some casual EU-bashing, he started the main part of his speech about Islam and the dreadful future it will bring to Europe. “Where Islam appears, Sharia must be introduced even among non-Muslims,” Semjén informed his audience. He recalled an occasion when a “[Budapest] Pride man” attacked him, namely how could the government oppose immigration when multiculturalism is great. Semjén claimed that he answered, “just try to hold a Pride there, you will be the first to be beheaded, we Christians will be at the end of the queue.”

Semjén went on to claim, without providing any evidence, that a part of those people who came into Europe during the migration crisis are trained jihadist fighters. He asked the rhetorical question what will happen if the terrorists start to use biological or chemical weapons instead of “explosives assembled on the kitchen table.”

The chair of KDNP presented his vision of “parallel societies” and “burning suburbs”, and claimed – again without citing any sources – that there are virtually no more villages in Germany free of Pakistani, Afghan or Somali migrants. Semjén argued that with time these migrants will become more and more frustrated and aggressive when they find out that without German knowledge or a profession they will not get a job.

Semjén warned that should a migrant with such background rape a 10-year old German girl and be shot dead by the father of the girl, “there will be a revolt in the ghetto.” The Christian Democrat politician did not stop there as he envisioned further acts of terror once the German government starts to deport migrants. “The government does not even know where they are, they have vanished in the no-go zones and when they will be forced onto airplanes they will take hostages.”

Soros agents everywhere

Semjén then continued with attacking the “Soros-backed” NGOs of Hungary, claiming that these organizations are “hiding behind fake philanthropist, fake humanist goals, but when it comes to action, they will represent the interests of their paymaster like agents, in this case, George Soros’s.” Semjén claimed that “although George Soros is not even a European citizen [which he is, given he is an American-Hungarian dual citizen], the European Commission deals with him in the main place.” Semjén asserted that there are more “Soros agents” among MEPs than European People’s Party representatives.

Collaborating media outlets

To a question from an audience member, namely whether in spite of the liberals’ disrupting activities Semjén thinks that the current regulation on high-treason is sufficient, he answered that the “legal category must be distinguished from the moral one.” However, Semjén said those media outlets that publish fake stories constructed by hostile secret services to cause confusion in Hungary are very close to being called traitors. “Those who collaborate with a hostile secret service against Hungarian national interests, well, they indeed commit high-treason.”

What about us, middle-class Europeans?

Semjén talked about Pope Francis’s rather different stance on migrants than the Hungarian government. “Pope Francis considers himself the pope of the poor, and in this case, he identifies migrants with the poor. This I understand from a Church point of view, but as a Hungarian my question is, what about us, middle-class Europeans?” Semjén added that is theologically legitimate to differentiate between migrants and refugees, as they have separate legal status.

The Deputy Prime Minister’s lecture was met with applause from the audience. Many people approached Semjén to congratulate him. “Oh, it was a very good lecture, very good,” an old lady said enthusiastically afterward.



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