István Pukli: "Dare to stand up for what is right!"

February 19, 2016

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“We are struggling against demons, and nothing else.” – István Pukli, director, Teleki Blanka Gimnázium, Budapest

In a video posted on February 18, 2016, Teleki Blanka Gimnázium director István Pukli encourages students and teachers to make their voices heard in the cause of improving Hungarian education.  “We have nowhere to retreat.  We must finish what we started!”  Below is a translation of his remarks:

 “Hello. I am greeting you from in front of the secessionist landmark building of the Budapest District 14 Teleki Blanka Gimnázium, which is practically falling apart.  I thought I would speak to you because many are afraid.  They are afraid of possible reprisals.  Dare to stand up for what is right, because they are wrong and have no strength.  They only believe themselves to be strong.
David Bowie had a wonderful comedy in the 1980s entitled “Labyrinth”.  I grew up on that film. There’s a statement that stuck with me, and I think you should keep this in mind.  And the statement is “there is no power over me.”   This symbolizes the entire system.  We are struggling against demons, and nothing else. 
Keep your heads up.  Be brave.  Keep your energy level up, since we need every one of you and you need us as well.   We have to see through to its completion what we have started.  We have to do it together, as there is nowhere for us to retreat.  We are the ones who must solve the public education situation, and we have to build its foundations.  We need everyone.  Don’t be afraid.”

The following is a translation of the text appearing at the end of the video:

István Pukli, the director of the Teleki Blanka Gimnázium, was called to account by Klik [the central state agency for managing schools].  The director’s “crime,” and that of the teachers faculty, was canceling the last two hours of lessons in order to participate in the Miskolc sympathy strike.  Klik (supposedly in response to reports from parents) is examining the incident and has requested many dozens of documents from the director.

István Pukli was not the only one in recent weeks to come under pressure from Klik.  If you are also singled out, threatened, or unworthily attacked, don’t be afraid.  Stand up and say what happened with you.
Send your story to the Utolsó óra (last hour) Facebook page.
Let’s show them together that we are not afraid!  We stand together against unworthy attacks!
There is no power over us.