“János Lázár is a lying politician” declares Hír TV editor Zsombor György

April 17, 2015

Giró-Szász András; Lázár János

In response to Minister Overseeing the Office of the Prime Minister János Lázár’s claim that Lajos Simicska-owned Hír TV “discriminates against government politicians” and that Simicska’s media empire was supporting Jobbik, Hír TV editor Zsombor György, the editor of Hír TV posted the following to his Facebook page:

“As the responsible television editor I hereby declare, with the knowledge of my responsibility in accordance with criminal law, that Jánosz Lázár is not only cynical, but a lying politician.  Once again: HE LIES!!!  Contrary to reality and his assertions, for Fidesz and the government to boycott Hír TV, Magyar Nemzet, and Lánchíd Rádió overturns the fundamental principles and values of democracy.  I note here that we requested an interview from the Fidesz Tapolca candidate.  He refused.  Everyone knows the end result.  Everyone should learn from this.”