Jobbik accuses Fidesz of “dictatorial action”

December 8, 2017

The press office of the Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary issued the following press statement today. We are reprinting it without comment or correction.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby send you and recommend for further use the latest announcement of Jobbik on the issue of the Hungarian outdoor media act.

Yours sincerely,
Jobbik Press Office

Manifesto for the Hungarian Democracy by Jobbik

The governing Fidesz party, feeling threatened by its opposition, launched a dictatorial action which is unprecedented in the history of post-communist Hungary. F i desz wants to eliminate us, the largest opposition party by administrative means, t h rough the government controlled State Audit Office, which is headed by a former Fidesz MP .

The action of the State Audit Office vi ola tes all the rights to fair and reasonable legal procedures. The State Audit Office subjected our party to 1 million Euros subsidy reimbursement and a 100%, 1 million Euros fine. This unjust action can risk our participaton at the upcoming elections in the Spring of 2018, thus the Fidesz government will exclude over one million people of our supporters from the free elctions (sic). This action of the Fidesz government recalls the darkest days of dictatorships and projects of an even darker future for our Homeland , if Fidesz stays in power.

If this can happen to us it can happen to anybody. Yesterday Fidesz wanted to wipe out civil organizations, today they eliminate opposition parties, tommorrow (sic) anybody can bec o me a target of the unleashed despotism. We turn to every democrat – regardless of political views – to protest against Orban’s tyranny. We ask every democratic political party, social organization, the general Hungarian and international public and every concerned citizen to stand with and support the endangered Hungarian democracy!

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary