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Jobbik appeals State Audit Office fine to European Court of Human Rights

Source: jobbik.hu

The radical right-wing Jobbik will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights to seek legal remedy for the HUF 660 million (USD 2.6 million) fine imposed on the party by the State Audit Office (ÁSZ) for allegedly accepting “forbidden campaign contributions”, reports the Hungarian news agency MTI.

Deputy chairman and leader of Jobbik’s parliamentary delegation János Volner (pictured) called ÁSZ’s sanction over the alleged contributions “unlawful” at a Monday press conference. According to the politician, Jobbik was given two hours by ÁSZ to fulfill its reporting obligation instead of five working days.

Volner stressed that regardless of their party sympathy, Jobbik’s fining sparked outrage among people. He noted that by fining Jobbik ÁSZ used double standards as previously the governing Fidesz-KDNP political alliance had rented billboard spaces with a higher discount rate without being fined by ÁSZ.

Volner said funds raised to date would be used to pay the fine should it come due before the end of the remedy procedure.

ÁSZ, which is tasked with auditing party finances as well as those of some 700 state organs, broke a more than 25-year-old tradition when it fined Jobbik HUF 660 million in December for accepting “forbidden campaign contributions” from oligarch Lajos Simicska in the form of heavily discounted billboard advertisements.



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