Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona makes Viktor Orbán an offer he can’t refuse

January 20, 2016


Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona has published the following open letter to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who is scheduled to travel to Moscow in early February to hold talks with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.

Dear Prime Minister:

According to news reports you will soon visit Moscow where you will meet with President Vladimir Putin.  The Paks project, the question of Russian sanctions, the Ukrainian conflict, migration and countless other questions will certainly come up over the course of your discussions.

As the chairman of the strongest Hungarian opposition party, given the importance of the matter, allow me to recommend something for the agenda of the discussions.

I ask the Prime Minister that if he meets with the Russian president to ask him to tell you in confidence but unequivocally whether they support Jobbik, because for months you have been bombarding Hungarian media and public opinion with this, and it is high time to offer up something concrete.  If Russia supported Jobbik, I believe president Putin should know about it.  Let us finally clarify this matter, as I think it also bothers the Prime Minister that the party’s press office deals with this on a daily basis in place of burning problems of public health, education or public safety, but without making any progress.

I respectfully wish you a good trip, good discussions, and the courage to pose my question!

Gábor, Vona, Jobbik chairman

PS: In spite of everything, the offer I put to you at the end of December is still valid.  Let us create two investigative committees!  Let you run the one and examine the question of possible Russian support of Jobbik!  Let us run the other one and examine the enrichment of individuals in your company—especially Lőrinc Mészáros, Andy Vajna and Árpád Habony.  I think this is a noble, fair and unequivocal offer.  I regret that you ran away from this last year.  But as they say: new year, new possibility.