Jobbik excludes member from the party for racist, antisemitic Facebook posts

December 1, 2017

Jobbik excludes member for racist, antisemitic Facebook posts
Erzsébet Erős (second from right) with the vice-chairs of Jobbik’s pensioner faction | Photo: Facebook/@JobbikNyugdijasTagozat

Vice-chair of Jobbik’s pensioner faction Erzsébet Erős has been excluded from the party for sharing racist, antisemitic and other offensive statements on her Facebook page, reports

Among others, Erős stated in various posts that:

  • Jews should not participate in politics
  • Jews should not hold a high-ranking public position
  • All the Roma of Transylvania will come to Hungary
  • She agrees with (Democratic Coalition leader) Ferenc Gyurcsány that Hungarians beyond the border should not be allowed to vote in Hungarian parliamentary elections
  • The undoing of Hungarians is that they are too accepting towards Jews and the Roma

“Jobbik is not a party without consequences so we reacted to the unacceptable statements within 24 hours,” Jobbik vice-president Dániel Zsiga-Kárpát said on ATV’s Egyenesen (Straight) program Thursday evening. “As a result […] we have parted ways with the affected person.”

A day earlier, in a statement published via the state news agency (MTI), Zsiga-Kárpát stated that what hurts him most is that Erős attacked Hungarians beyond the border.

The quick exclusion of Erős and the decision not to run Jobbik’s former presidential candidate and current MEP Krisztina Morvai in the 2019 European parliamentary election mark how badly Jobbik wishes to leave behind its xenophobic, anti-Roma, antisemitic and eurosceptic image.