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Gábor Vona re-elected Jobbik chairman

Hungary’s radical right-wing Jobbik held party elections last weekend. The event went down pretty much as expected:

  • Gábor Vona was re-elected party chairman, receiving around 80 percent of the vote;
  • Dávid Janiczak, Erik Fülöp, Tamás Sneider, Dániel Z. Kárpát and János Volner were elected as vice-presidents; and
  • Elöd Novák and Mrs. Loránt Hegedűs, who are considered to be among the more radical members of Jobbik’s parliamentary delegation, were also nominated to the vice-presidency but their nomination was shot down by Vona.

According to hvg.hu, Vona announced at the conference that he would resign as the party’s parliamentary fraction leader. He expressed his desire to see fellow Jobbik MP János Volner replace him in the post.

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