Jobbik: Viktor Orbán has brought authoritarianism back to Hungary

January 20, 2018

Jobbik chairman and prime ministerial candidate Gábor Vona speaking at Jobbik’s commemoration of the revolution of 1956 at Corvin-köz, Budapest, on October 23, 2017. | Photo: Budapest Beacon/Balázs Pivarnyik

The following English-language press release was sent to The Budapest Beacon by the press office of the Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary on Thursday, January 18. We are republishing it without emendation or comment for the edification of our readers.

It’s Orbán’s fault

Now it’s not just us, others see it, too: according to Freedom House’s latest report, Hungary has become the European Union’s least democratic country. Fidesz, which has secretly settled migrants in Hungary, would probably like to blame it all on George Soros but the fact is that it’s Viktor Orbán’s fault.

By now, he has turned from a fiery democrat into a burnt-out and corrupt tyrant who has brought authoritarianism back to Hungary. His authoritarian party has taken control of jurisdiction, the media and the supposedly independent state agencies. He wants to wipe out the only realistic challenger three months before the national elections. He has turned the homeland of Europe’s most freedom-loving nation into Europe’s most dictatorial country; the country of fear.

Hungarians have never allowed anyone to take their freedom away. Neither external powers nor internal despots. On April 8, the people of Hungary will sweep out this government and together we will put an end to the era of authoritarian efforts, lying, fear and theft so that Hungary could once again become a successful and happy country.

Gábor Vona, Jobbik’s candidate for Prime Minister