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Jobbik would introduce electronic voting to tackle inequalities of election system

Photo: jobbik.hu

To fix the election system’s current unequal treatment of voters living abroad and dual-citizens in neighboring countries, Jobbik would introduce electronic voting.

In a statement on Monday, Jobbik MP István Szávay (pictured) argues that the government discriminates against emigré Hungarians by barring them from voting by mail, an option that is available for ethnic Hungarian dual-citizens residing in neighboring countries. By introducing electronic voting, this inequality would be solved, according to Szávay.

He notes that those who register themselves for postal voting remain in the registry for ten years. Hungarian authorities are not notified when an eligible voter dies, so the system is open to abuse. The fact that the identity of voters cannot be checked during the registration process makes the system even more vulnerable to abuse, according to Szávay.

At the end of the statement, he urges Jobbik sympathizers beyond the border not to trust their local postal service, Fidesz’s allies or even embassies when it comes to postal voting. Instead, Szávay encourages these potential radical-right Jobbik voters to contact the party directly, saying Jobbik would help with delivering the votes.

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