Jobbik’s Gábor Vona to be first politician featured on new ATV program

September 21, 2016


A new television program will begin airing this Wednesday on opposition news channel ATV that takes provocative looks into the private lives of Hungarian politicians, reports left-wing daily Népszabadság.

The program, Magánszféra (Private Sphere), will first look into the life of extreme-right Jobbik party leader Gábor Vona. ATV news director and CEO Szilárd Németh told Népszabadság that they wanted to kick off the program in a provocative manner and that’s why they chose Jobbik founder Vona as their first subject. (Vona is controversial for not only his extreme-right views but also for his tendency to openly badmouth Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and other prominent establishment politicians.) Németh promised that the program will focus equally on the lives of both left- and right-wing politicians.

According to ATV’s websiteMagánszféra “lets the viewer look into depths of politics which they have never or very rarely seen: It steps across walls and guides into the private lives of politicians, without taboos.”

The program will be hosted by ATV’s Judit Péterfy, who has worked at ATV for a year and previously hosted the network’s Esti Start program. She claims that in that program she was able to sit with politicians for only 7-8 minutes, during which they usually hid behind a “mask” and repeated political slogans. With the new program she hopes to reveal who is really behind the mask, and give insight into how public figures make decisions, what are their family backgrounds and what motivates them, reports Népszabadság.

The program promises to take viewers “behind closed doors” and pull politicians out of “their boring world of parliament and press conferences” and “show from a completely new perspective those who lead, or want to lead the country.” Former socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and leading Fidesz politicians will also be featured, ATV’s website claims.


The preview for the debut broadcast to air at 9:40 pm on September 21st shows Péterfy playing video games and exercising with the Jobbik chairman. At one point Péterfy films Vona getting a tattoo on his right arm.

The debut program is likely to raise eyebrows. For the past two years Vona has been tying to soften the image of his party to make it more palatable to conservative and centrist voters.  Nevertheless, the Jobbik politician remains something of an enigma to liberal and left-wing voters who make up the vast majority of ATV viewers.  Now, thanks to ATV, they will have the opportunity to examine him “up close and personal” in the convenience of their own living rooms.