Joint opposition protest on October 23 cancelled

October 16, 2017

The Common Country Movement will demonstrate without the planned participation of political opposition on October 23 as invited parties were backing down, reports

Common Country leader Márton Gulyás made the announcement on his blog. Originally all opposition parties with the notable exception of far-right Jobbik were invited to a joint show of force on Hungary’s most politicized national holiday, the anniversary of the failed 1956 revolution against the Soviet occupation.

First, Politics Can Be Different (LMP) rejected the invitation, followed by Momentum Movement, which had stated earlier that it would only participate if all other parties did so. After Együtt pulled out too, Common Country decided to cancel the other invitations. Gulyás told he had done so because the demonstration was meant to express consensus, and this was not present.

Gulyás said that although the Common Country Movement failed to unite the parties on this occasion, the movement would bring together the opposition in the future.