Karácsony endorses Botka’s candidacy for prime minister at informal MSZP meeting

August 29, 2017

Photo: Facebook/Karacsony Gergely

Both Dialogue for Hungary (PM) co-chair and prime minister candidate Gergely Karácsony and Együtt (Together) healthcare policy expert Zoltán Komáromi reportedly endorsed the Socialist Party’s (MSZP) prime minister candidate László Botka at an informal meeting of prominent members of MSZP and left-wing intelligentsia in Szeged in July, reports Index.hu.

“Those who think about a Botka-putsch, don’t dream about me,” Karácsony told Index’s reporter, referring to recent rumors of leading MSZP figures trying the replace Botka with Karácsony as MSZP’s candidate for prime minister in next year’s election. “I would surely fight for a just Hungary together with László Botka, against him I would surely not,” Karácsony declared.

Együtt’s healthcare politician Zoltán Komáromi presented his healthcare reform vision, and said: “I report for duty. László Botka asked me to create the election program that would make everybody realize there is a solution.” Komáromi’s participation in MSZP’s campaign is odd in light of Együtt president Péter Juhász’s crusade to establish a  “New Pole”, a political alliance of parties emerging since 2010 that would provide an alternative to the political stalemate of the decades-long Fidesz-MSZP fight.

During the meeting, Botka confirmed his “Make the rich pay!” program. The mayor of Szeged stated that today Hungary is an unjust country. He proposes to rectify the situation with a new left-wing program. Botka stressed the importance of a “patriotic, democratic community of values”. He once more criticized former Socialist prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány for not retiring from politics, saying that third way social democracy is partly to blame for the existence of Orbán’s regime . “It’s the failure of the politics of [Gerhard] Schröder, [Tony] Blair and [Ferenc] Gyurcsány,” said Botka.

He said the basis of any kind of political cooperation is that every party “must let go those who settle into Orbán’s system, those who play for survival”.