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Kerék-Bárczy compares Antal Rogán to Joseph Goebbels

The Hungarian government’s “Cabinet Office” – a newly created ministry to be led by former Fidesz parliamentary fraction leader Antal Rogán – will be Europe’s second propaganda ministry following the same headed by Joseph Goebbels, according to Hungarian opposition party the Democratic Coalition.

Szabolcs Kerék-Bárczy, member of the Democratic Coalition’s executive board, released a scathing press release Saturday in which he called the current Hungarian government the most corrupt Hungarian government ever. Furthermore, Kerék-Bárczy wrote, the government is incapable of leading Hungary down a predictable and sustainable path.

According to Kerék-Bárczy, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán created the new ministry to blanket the Hungarian population with directed lies in an effort to cover up the government’s failings.

The new ministry, known as the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office, led by Antal Rogán, will be tasked with the same responsibilities as Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda office, according to Kerék-Bárczy, and will “endlessly repeat lies until the Hungarian population is adequately deceived”.

Kerék-Bárczy says the “organized flood of lies” will prove to be unsuccessful in covering up the facts. The Democratic Coalition politician says “Hungary’s economic competitiveness rankings continue to plummet” and the country suffers from a “significantly higher level of corruption” than other countries in the region.

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