Kósa: Fidesz won’t try to close loopholes in “billboard law”

August 23, 2017

Fidesz parliamentary delegation leader Lajos Kósa told news site hvg.hu that his party would not take legislative action to close loopholes in a recently-adopted law prohibiting the use of political campaign billboards outside campaign season. The so-called billboard law was passed in late June using methods widely criticized by the political opposition. It was prompted by a country-wide billboard campaign denouncing leading Fidesz politicians as thieves.

Kósa’s statements contradict earlier promises by Fidesz delegation spokesman János Halász who said in late July that if loopholes remained in the law then they would have to be closed. Halász said Fidesz would discuss the issue in its upcoming September delegation meeting.

Earlier reports indicated that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was “very annoyed” that radical-right party Jobbik (largely seen as the primary target of the law) had, by all appearances, managed to circumvent the legislation by running unattributed “public service messages” on advertising space across the country. Two waves of anti-government billboards have appeared in Hungary, presumably on Jobbik’s behalf, since the passage of the controversial law, leading to speculation that Fidesz would take further legal action to address those loopholes.