Kósa: the quota referendum campaign hasn’t even started

July 27, 2016


The campaign ahead of the migrant settlement quota referendum hasn’t even started yet, according to Fidesz parliamentary faction leader Lajos Kósa. Although the streets are plastered with posters, and TV and radio channels are echoing the slogans of the government, the politician told Hungarian TV channel ATV that all this is not part of the official campaign ahead of the October referendum.

Speaking to reporter Olga Kálmán, Kósa said the HUF 4.5 billion (USD 1.2 million) aimed at financing the referendum will be spent on procedures, registration and everything else in connection with voting. The price of the campaign, however, is not included in the amount, he added.

Answering the reporter’s question, Kósa admitted that the present posters and TV ads are financed from government money. When asked whether the government is really spending public funds on an official campaign, the politician denied it was a campaign.

“That will start on 13th August,” he said.

Kósa added that posters were the political statement of the government and, as such, it is perfectly acceptable to spend public funds on it. He also admitted that Fidesz will start a separate campaign later in August.