Kövér: Election will decide the fate of the Hungarian nation

March 8, 2018

Kövér: Election will decide the fate of the Hungarian nation
László Kövér addressing his audience at a Keszthely campaign forum | Photo: MTI/György Varga

Fidesz founding member and Speaker of the National Assembly László Kövér appeared alongside Fidesz MP and propaganda ministry undersecretary Bence Tuzson at a public forum in the city of Göd on Wednesday evening. Tuzson represents the Pest county’s 5th electoral district, which includes Göd.

Per Magyar Nemzet, Kövér said the following at the event:

  • “There is a putsch underway in Europe, one comparable to what Bolsheviks did a century ago.”
  • Politicians in Brussels, George Soros, and the liberal elite have formed an alliance to rip apart “the fabric of European nation states” which stand in the way of their economic and political goals.
  • George Soros’ public profile has made it possible for people to understand the powers that are only discussed in conspiracy theories. These powers want to destroy values like God, country and family. These powers work on weakening religion and national identity, and seek to dilute communities. As a result, there are more Muslim students in Vienna than Austrian students. “This is where things stand,” he said, adding that Hungary’s general election on April 8 will not only decide the next century in Hungary but also the fate of the nation.
  • Attempts by the opposition to join forces make him feel “sick [to his] stomach” and “want to vomit.”
  • Transparency International is a “Bolshevik civil organization.”
  • “The fight will not end when the Lord calls George Soros to his side for a talk,” because others will replace Soros.