Kövér: Hungary should consider withdrawing from the EU

October 25, 2014


It is clear that Hungary needs the EU. But the real question here is does the EU need Hungary?” – Andrea Seibel, deputy chief editor of Die Welt.

This is not the future of the European Union, this is only a nightmare.” – László Kövér, President and Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament.

Speaking to right-wing news channel Echo TV yesterday, Kövér made a series of comments about the European Union worthy of a radical right-wing Jobbik politician, remarks index.hu.

Evaluating Hungary’s political situation on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the country’s 1956 Uprising against the Soviets, the President and Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament said the “moral foundations” of the Euro-Atlantic alliance “had been shaken” by “oppressive measures” exercised by the US and its Western allies against Hungary. Evaluating the regime change and the importance of the past 25 years to the country, Kövér said that since the morality has gone from the Western military and economic cooperation, Hungary should slowly start to think about withdrawing from the European Union.

The leading Fidesz politician said he is tired of constant attacks against Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s policies from the European Left and Greens. Commenting on the effects of last year’s highly critical EU report on the situation of human rights in Hungary, he said the MEPs who prepared the report “are much more leftist than (former Hungarian communist leader) János Kádár.  This makes Brussels and former Moscow tactics completely identical.”

“We should therefore start to think about a slow and careful way of backing out of this,” Köver said. “I am quite convinced that this is not the future of the European Union, this is only a nightmare–nightmare taken very seriously by certain individuals.”

Kövér commemorated the foundation of Fidesz as a liberal party in 1988.  He said this was not the world imagined by them. Back then they had held the Western world as an example in terms of law and morals.  According to Kövér this changed over the years and now “they have no political culture whatsoever”, adding that financial and political elites in the West “think they can do whatever they want” now that there is no longer a communist bloc.

He thinks EU membership has become more of a burden than a benefit for Hungary over the past decade. “It was an illusion that in the EU only good rules are in force. They disregarded (the fact) that such legal regulations, which have become unbearably bureaucratic today, could evolve because they had nothing to do with our shared values.”

(We don’t understand what this means either. -ed.)

On the United States temporarily suspending the right of six Hungarian individuals, including certain state officials, from entering the US, Kövér only said he thinks it is quite natural for the US to interfere in Hungarian politics because “the political side they prefer, the opposition, is virtually non-existent. Therefore, they have to artificially sustain these tensions themselves”.

Kövér’s comments come after German online Die Welt published an opinion piece penned by deputy chief editor Andrea Seibel likening Orbán’s grip on Hungary to that of Vladimir Putin’s on Russia and Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s on Turkey.  “It is clear that Hungary needs the EU. But the real question here is does the EU need Hungary?” she asks.

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