László Kövér: Minority representation in Hungary is better than ever

May 11, 2015


Speaker of the Hungarian parliament László Kövér says it would be great if other countries treated their minorities as well as Hungary treats its own. The Speaker appeared on state-run television on Sunday and said minorities in other European countries don’t have as many rights as they do in the Hungarian parliament.

Hungary’s state-run media, which includes Duna TV, Duna World, M1, M2, Kossuth Radio, Petofi Radio and Bartok Radio, broadcast programs on Sunday featuring the traditions of 13 minority groups living in Hungary.

Kövér appeared on Duna TV and said he supports Hungary’s state-run media dedicating at least one day a year to programming about the country’s minority groups.

He said even parliament could have such a day if minority group representatives proposed such initiatives.

Kövér said the political representation of minorities had been pushed into the background for 20 years, but this changed when Fidesz received its two-thirds supermajority in 2010, which enabled Hungary’s official minorities to gain representation in parliament.

He neglected to mention that minority group representatives do not have the right to vote in parliament.  Nor did he mention that those registering to vote in minority elections are excluded from voting in general elections (causing a number of Roma leaders to call for a boycott of minority elections).  However, Kövér did mention that the so-called “minority advocates” now have the opportunity to forge their own paths in the Hungarian political system.

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