Krétakör leader organises public forum on Budapest city park project

October 3, 2014

Theatre company Krétakőr executive director Márton Gulyás

The political theatre company Krétakör will organise a public debate on the government’s City Park reconstruction project, executive director Márton Gulyás told ATV’s “Egyenes Beszéd” (Straight Talk) on Thursday. Opponents of the plan claim that the construction of a “museum quarter” in one of Budapest’s  green areas would mean replacing the “Városliget” (City Park) with a “Ligetváros” (Park City).

Gulyás said wider public discussion of the plan is essential and should be forced on stakeholders. “Even though basic guidelines have been drawn up, implementation plans are under preparation”, he explained, “so the public forum to be held on Saturday comes just in time to offer information and involve residents”.

Government commissioner for the Városliget project László Baán and several town planners will speak at the event, after which a moderated discussion and a Q&A session will be held.

Gulyás underlined that “it is important to understand the short-term and long-term effects the reconstructions will have on the city. Every political regime has left its footprint on the park, and we should consider this phenomenon a contemporary issue. The project is a hot topic on various residents forums, and Krétakör wants to get all the stakeholders and experts around the same table”.

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