Krisztina Morvai endorses upcoming peace march

March 5, 2018

Krisztina Morvai endorses upcoming peace march
Photo: Facebook/Morvai Krisztina

Krisztina Morvai, who has served two consecutive terms as a Jobbik member of the European Parliament, is now endorsing the so-called Peace March called for March 15 by pro-government supporters.

Speaking to pro-government propaganda outlet Magyar Idők, Morvai said this may be the last time that nationalist, anti-immigration Hungarians can take to the streets en masse. She added that in the event “migration parties” are voted into power, those who would take to the streets to protest against the resettlement of migrants would no doubt fall victims to police brutality.

Morvai never officially joined Jobbik. Before affiliating herself with the Hungarian far-right, she was a law school professor and human rights advocate.

Her affiliation with Jobbik drew to a close as its chairman, Gábor Vona, sought to reposition the extreme-right party as a more inclusive, center-right populist party.